A+G1 – Upper Level

3D tour of upper floor on 10/18/20, ground floor and basement on 2/15/20

Created for Alan & Green Construction by Kevin Dole, Home3D.us

3D tour of basement on 4/25/20 is at – agcc12.com

3D tour of guest house on 10/14/21 is at – agcc12.com

Navigation – on computer – use mouse/trackwheel/touchpad and arrow keys

Navigation – on mobile devices – tap, swipe and pinch screen

Icons in lower left activate:

• Highlight reel   • Play button   • Dollhouse view   • Floorplan view   • Floor selector

Clicking the Dollhouse button will change the screen to the 3D model view.  Note that when you enter “Dollhouse” view, the icon changes and is now called “Explore 3D Space.”  Clicking this returns you to walkthrough mode.

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